Disc filters

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The disc performs physical filtration by retaining solids that are not dissolved in the water in channels. Filtration takes place due to the effect of the overlapping of a set of discs, installed in a strong and secure structure. The disc channels allow filtration to take place deeply.


The LAMA parallel face disc has been designed based on detailed studies conducted by the company’s engineering department. Suitable software has been used to achieve the most effective geometry to obtain the largest useful surface area for filtration.


Lama owns its own moulds for manufacturing parallel discs with the following opening sizes: 20 microns in green, 50 microns in blue, 130 microns in yellow, 190 microns in red and 250 microns in brown; 190 is the standard size.


The internal and external parts of all carbon steel components are treated using a base primer and nanotechnology. As a final step, the products are coated with epoxy polyester paint.
Depending on the cleaning system, filters are classified as follows:


  • Self-cleaning
  • Semi self-cleaning
  • Manual


Filter cleaning:


Manual Filters


Cleaning consists of removing the disc cartridge, decompressing the discs and washing them with pressurised water. Cleaning in a bath of sodium hypochlorite and/or an acid solution is advisable when there is a considerable amount of waste in the disc channels. This should always be done with care.


Self-cleaning filters


Disc filters are cleaned in the opposite direction to filtration, by separating the discs and spinning them at high speed. Combining the two effects causes waste to fall away, thanks to pressurised jets of water directed at a tangent at each filter disc. Washing is done with a very small volume of water.


Depending on the manufacturing material, filters are classified as follows:


  • Glass fibre reinforced polyamide, suitable for filtering salt water.
  • Treated carbon steel, painted with epoxy polyester.