Irrigation hydrocyclones

  • Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclones operate based on the physical separation that occurs by retaining particles with a specific weight much higher than water, due to the centrifugal force effect produced by the water when it enters the separator at high speed on a tangential trajectory. Dirt sticks to the walls of the hydrocyclone and later falls into a tank located at its base. At Lama, we offer an automatic cleaning kit, which is not included in the standard configuration of the device, or a manual activation key. It can also be fitted with a bracket to make it easier to adjust the hydrocyclone in its final position. The water that has been separated from the heavier suspended particles exits through the outlet circuit to be filtered. The hydrocyclone must always be placed in a vertical position.


These systems do not require dismantling, and no accessories need to be removed for cleaning it. Dirt accumulates in the existing purge tank and must be removed frequently. Cleaning can be carried out manually, with a simple key, or automatically with the addition of an automatic cleaning kit.


The filter body is manufactured from A42B carbon steel. This material is also used to manufacture the bracket, should it be required by the customer.


The surface treatment takes the form of a base primer, which is subsequently painted over by electrostatically sprayed epoxy polyester powder paint.


Its standard pressure is 10 kg/cm2, and it is tested to 15 kg/cm2 at our facilities. It should be emphasised that Lama performs pressure tests on all carbon steel devices, including our hydrocyclones. We therefore guarantee close to 100% of our equipment functionality.