Irrigation valves

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Lama’s Globo valves are mainly designed for use in automatic cleaning systems, but they can also be used as three-way hydraulic valves with the ability to channel water towards one or the other of two sectors.


They have small bodies and permit a high flow rate of water. They have an axially mounted stainless-steel stem, which serves as a guide for the main opening and closing manoeuvres. The stem also controls drainage under filter cleaning conditions. This stem supports a membrane which is responsible for controlling the passage of water from the main circuit. This membrane adopts a special “globe-globo” form, which fully adapts to the surface of the seal cover, helping to achieve the highest flow with the lowest possible load loss.


At its base is a vulcanised rubber valve on the stem itself, used for controlling dirty water drainage operations.


The entire system is sealed with a cover, attached to the valve body with stainless steel bolts.
The closing manoeuvre is carried out in two clearly differentiated stages; the first is quick and the second takes place at a lower speed. This prevents a water hammer effect in the network.


The system operates very uniformly, as all opening and closing movements take place along the geometrical axis of the valve, guaranteeing that it is not subjected to hydraulic forces that would throw the system out of balance, at any time.


Its plastic version (glass fibre reinforced polyamide), Globo Plastic solves typical problems related to more corrosive types of water. It is a valve with excellent performance, to be used as a device for cleaning any filter. This quality makes it the most cleaning valve out of the range available on the international market.