Our automatic filter stations are equipped with efficient cleaning programmers, such as the new RIO8 device. It has 8 outputs -230v- and is very easy to use, just follow a few steps to be fully configured and ready to work. RIO8 is smart and comes pre-configured from the factory. If you buy a complete LAMA system you should not modify anything, as the configuration is installed by our technicians as standard. The RIO8 programmer comes standard with the necessary settings for each type of filter, for both applications, irrigation and water treatment.

It has a control unit from which all available operations can be performed. The programmer is available in Spanish, English and French.

Besides, you have the chance to add a tactile screen into the programmer. The screen is very useful and it helps in order to have a whole view of the entire station. Ask us for more information.

The cleaning programmer Mini’s is designed for the automatic hydraulic screen filter family EKO (EKO, EKOLU and EKOSENIOR).

The end-user does not have to worry about programming the duration of the backwashing so the regulation is automatic. The limit switch regulates itself automatically, depending on the flow and pressure, thanks to an inductive sensor in the hydraulic cylinder of the filters.

Furthermore, Mini’S can be settled using batteries as well as an electrical transformer for the stations with electricity.

In addition, a new pressure switch is using with the programmer which is in charge of controlling the pressure, that is another avantage.

The employment of this innovative technology designed by Lama, makes the maximum water saving while the backwashing process.

Mini’S is conceived to be used with one filter device. If the station needs a second filter or more, we need to install a RIO 8 programmer.