• Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclones perform their separation function by using the centrifugal force generated inside, as water is fed in at a tangent, at high speed. Particles with a higher specific weight than water are “trapped” in side pieces inside the hydrocyclone before falling into a holding tank located at the base of the equipment. Lama offers self-cleaning equipment, not included as standard. A manual operation key can also be installed to allow the accumulated dirt to be removed. A bracket can also be included to allow the particle separator to be easily installed at its permanent site. When free of dirt particles, the water is conveyed through the outlet and made available for sand, disc or screen filtering. We recommend that the hydrocyclone always be kept in a vertical position.


It is not necessary to remove any mechanisms of these systems to clean them. All dirt accumulates in the purge tank, which must be emptied frequently. Waste can either be extracted manually by operating a ball valve, or automatically, with the help of an automatic purging kit.


Both the hydrocyclone and its bracket are manufactured from A42B carbon steel.


After manufacturing it undergoes a base primer surface treatment, before being painted by electrostatically sprayed epoxy polyester paint.


Standard design pressure = 10 kg/cm2.


Pressure test at our facilities = 15 kg/cm2.


It should be mentioned that Lama conducts pressure tests on all of its manufactured products, including hydrocyclones. We therefore guarantee that our equipment is 100% operational.


Hydrocyclones are normally used in industrial facilities as a pre-filtration mechanism for high-particle-loaded water.