Irrigation disc filters

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Physical filtration through discs consists of retaining suspended solids of water in channels created by a superimposed set of discs, installed in a highly secure structure. Disc channels are able to perform deep filtration.


Every last detail of the LAMA parallel disc has been created and studied by its engineering team. It has been designed with the most efficient geometry to achieve the largest useful surface area. The trapezoidal geometry of its channels makes it the most effective of all filter discs on the market.


LAMA manufactures parallel discs with different opening sizes: 20 µm in green, 50 µm in blue, 130 µm in yellow, 190 µm in red and 250 µm in brown. The standard supply is 190 µm.


Carbon steel components are treated externally and internally by Nanotechnology and the application of a base primer. They are then painted by electrostatic spraying, with epoxy polyester powder paint.


Depending on their cleaning method, filters can be:




Filter cleaning:


Manual Filters
The filter disc cartridge is dismantled and cleaned by passing a pressurised jet of water over the discs, which are first loosened. If dirt is adhered to the surface of the discs, it is recommended that they be thoroughly cleaned in a bath of sodium hypochlorite or any other diluted acid. Care should be taken when using this cleaning method.


Automatic Filters
Cleaning is carried out against the flow by separating the discs from each other and spinning at high speed. Combining both effects causes the dirt to fall away, helped by the high-pressure jets of water falling onto the disc surface at a tangent. Backwashing is done with a small total volume of water.


Depending on the manufacturing material:


•Plastic: glass fiber reinforced polyamide.
•Treated carbon steel, painted with epoxy polyester.