Autosenior Lama


Since 2.017 the automatic filtration Lama stations are equipped with the new and effective backwashing programmer Smart8.

With the exception of the EKO family, which has the programmers MINI’S for using just one filter; Smart8 is used with all the range of Lama’s families; even for the EKO, EKOLU and EKOSENIOR stations that have more than two filters.

Smart8 has an outlet of 220V, it can be used with batteries as well as solar panel.

The controller has 8 filter outlets, which are extendable until 16. It is a very intuituve device which has only one remote control which all the available task can be done, thanks to a small digital screen.

On the other hand, the adjustment of the washes is configured for all the pressures.

The analogue pressure switch or the pressure gauge, both of them can be used with Smart8 programmer.

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Programmer Smart8 Lama

Programmer Smart8 Lama