Automesh Lama plan



Last year 2.017 the Ministry of Agriculture of Morocco launched to the market a tender for a hydraulic work in the north of the country. It was about a project of hydro-agricultural organization in the irrigation perimeter in Dar Khrofa, in Larache’s area. The works of the complete study consist of the supply, transport and installation of filtration equipment, including works of civil engineering, in the Matmour area.


The blueprint address to supplying water to a net surface of 1.617 has, by means of an equipment of filtration with a total flow of 1.658 l/s., that comes from a dam water capture.

The technical principal specifications are the following ones:

  • Automatic-selfcleaning screen filters
  • Nominal flow (excluding the cleaning flow): 164 m3/h
  • A minimum net filtration surface of 66.300 cm2
  • Nominal pressure of 16 BARS (PN)
  • All devices from the filtration station, such as collectors and manifolds, must support a nominal pressure of PN10 or PN16.
  • Maximum filtration speed is 30 cm/s
  • A security filter, that it should be the same as the others filters, which only will work in case of breakdown of the other filters.
  • Technical support to the management team, as well as a test of the filtration station before the installation, in the laboratory of the manufacturer company.
  • Technical documentation, as layout, plan and official certifications of the products.


Lama launched its offer together with one of our clients; finally we won it a month ago.

Our engineering department designs a solution of filtration consisting of an 11 automatic electrical screen filters, Automesh Lama.

Our Automesh has the ability of filtering 454,5 m3/h, so 11 of them manage to have a total flow of almost 5.000 m3/h.

The collectors have a diameter of 1.000 mm and a nominal pressure of 10 (PN), expiring with the requirements of the work conditions. Automesh Lama has a carbon body, which is treated with nanotechnology and painted in expoxi. The cartridge of the filters is made in PVC and the screen is of stainless steel AISI 316, with a light of pass of 120 microns.

Furthermore it is the only filter on the market that during the stage of cleaning disregards the movement of axial revolution in other systems.


Automesh Lama plan