It is injected in glass fiber reinforced polyamide solves the typical problems of corrosive water.
This new product, conceived in only one piece and very small size, contains structural elements that enable its usage in extreme pressure conditions.
It is a valve with excellent performance to be used as a cleaning device into filtration systems. For see water or high salinity concentration, Globo Plastic will be equipped with stainless steel 316L.

 3” valve

Construction materials

Body: glass fiber reinforced polyamide.
Membrane: synthetic rubber nitrile 60º Shore.
Shaft: stainless steel.
Valve shaft: vulcanized rubber.
Cover: glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

Designed to be used in automatic cleaning systems, but also can be used as three-way hydraulic valve capable of channeling water alternatively from two sectors.
The valve is equipped with a visible function controller that indicates the engage function.
It is built with reduced size body, however with a high flow water capacity.
The closing operation is performed in two steps, one quickly and the second on at lower speed, preventing water hammer in the network.


2”, 3” and 4” filters

Construction materials

Body: smelting steel.
Membrane: synthetic rubber nitrile 60º Shore
Shaft: stainless steel.
Valve shaft: vulcanized rubber.
Cover: glass-fiber reinforced polyamide for 2″ and 3″ valves and smelting steel in 4″ valve.