LAMA Filtration Systems will launch the new screen filter Automesh in 2019, its automatic electric filter.

Many product features have been improved, thanks to the processes of the company’s R&D Department.

The main new feature is the system’s ground breaking filtering cartridge.

The engineering department has carefully studied the resistance of the new cartridge, with mathematical formulas used to simulate possible deformations; in a first virtual design phase, in a second prototyping phase and, finally, at its R&D&i laboratory, conducting different tests.

It has been designed with a honeycomb structure, fully injected in polyamide, a material that was critical to determine the system’s resistance. In addition, the injection process is carried out in a single cartridge-screen phase. The cartridge is optimised for the cleaning process, using the water used during this phase.

The tight-fitted sections result in an increased useful surface when compared to other cartridges sold in the market.




As regards the outer surface of the new LAMA Automesh, the hoisting points, cover locks and hinge structure have been redesigned. It is also worth mentioning the new electric motor coupling and the entire cleaning chamber.

The accessories have been reorganised with this new structure, including the sensors, pressure gauges, vents or hoses, grouping them in a single space. Also worth highlighting is the ease of inspecting the cartridge; the most practical way of extracting it with the cleaning scanner at the same time and inserting these parts in the filter again have been carefully analysed to create a user-friendly and fault-proof system.

Moreover, as regards the material, the carbon steel filter body is now thicker. Bear in mind that LAMA uses Nanotechnology, a surface treatment on carbon steel products.


All of this will achieve higher manufacturing speeds and shorter delivery times.