New polyamide cover for Globo valves


19 Dec New polyamide cover for Globo valves

Improvement for metal Globo valves: polyamide new cover.

 The Lama engineering department had created a new cover for the 4” (four inches) Globo valve; which is made in metal. A new mould has developed for this device to obtain the final result; a cover injected in GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polyamide) Thanks to that we reach the cost of production decreases and as a result of that, the final price for the client gets down. Because of being a light raw material, the weight of the full valve diminishes as well.

At its morphology we can find a lot of number of fibers. Theses fibers are designed in order to bear the high pressures and deformations that the valve can suffer. The fibers provide resistance so it comes to increase the durability.

This is the first step to adapt the metal 4” Globo valve to GFRP, as we did some years ago with the 3” (three inches) Globo valve. This process became in the Globo Plastic valve we have today.

The aim of Lama is improving and developing all our products in order to meet all the market’s needs, focusing on the seawater.



First station with new cover for Globo valve 4″