We manufacture microfiltration cartridge holders in glass fiber reinforced polyamide (GFRP). The cartridge holder is divided in two zones bypassed by the filter cartridges themselves: the area of water before it is filtered and the area of filtered water. Microfiltration has a smaller degree of retention than a conventional filter; the cartridges used have a pore size of 1-20 µm. The cartridges range from 10″ to 50″ and must be kept sealed at their ends, with the help of special joints and the compression provided by a spring manufactured in stainless steel.

GFRP 10” diameter cartridge. The máximum cartridge diameter is 62 mm (inside) x 26 mm (outside)

Available cartridges:

Construction materials

Body: glass fiber reinforced polyamide.
Joints: synthetic rubber nitrile 60º Shore.
Central ring: PVC


Industrial applications: desalination, previous filtration to reserve osmosis, previous filtration to ultraviolet, separation of water and oil emulsions, sterilizing by cold for drinks and pharmaceutical products, clarification of fruit juices, wines and beers, effluent treatment, solid-liquid separation for pharmacies and food industries