Media filters are basically designed to performance at low speed, in other words, those between 5-10 m/h. Media devices are thought for a huge rage of applications: drinking water, previous filtration to reserve osmosis, removing turbidity, previous filtration to ultraviolet, depuration (tertiary), seawater (previous ebonite treatment)

Particularly, special-horizontal media LAMA filters have a greater filtration capacity then the other filters for the own family. We consider then From 13 m3 of capacity tank request, it is advisable to choose this equipment, and about the diameter, they are available form 1,200 m.

Because of the horizontal shape, the client can access to the water holes for an easier maintenance duties. These manholes are totally adaptable to the client needs.

On the one hand, as far as the filter element is concerned, for this range of products we also have anthracite, activated carbon, siliceous and volcanic sand. The customer can choose between collector arms and nozzles. On the other hand, regarding the surface treatment, we use the same techniques for the interior and exterior that we use for special media filter family.

In LAMA we always think about the transport of our equipment, so this is a main piece when designing each system. In addition we offer the possibility of manufacturing under ASME code.


                                                                            LAMA horizontal media filter layout


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