As well as Automesh, Calado offers the largest and most effective filtering surface. The filter is made up of three chambers and two filter cartridges. Calado is suitable for small spaces thanks to its vertical morphology
Our electrical systems do away with linear displacement, which enables improvements in the cleaning system. The nozzles create a watertight area using 100% of the water flow from the back washing. Possibility of being covered with ebonite for sea and corrosive waters.

From 1  1/2” to 10”

Available screens for automatic filters:
Standard screen for automatic filters: 0,190 mm

Construction materials

Body: carbon steel.
Joints: synthetic rubber nitrile 60º Shore.
Screws: zinc-coated.
Screen: polyamide injection cartridge and stainless steel screen, in one piece
Suction mechanism: stainless steel.


Industrial applications: Waste water, cooling tower, previous filtration to reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration process; water protection process in industries such as steel mills, mining, refinery, food and agriculture, textile, plastic, paper industries …