Special media filters


Filtration using special media filters, through nozzles, is the most exhaustive of all filter equipment. It is particularly indicated to lower the concentration of suspended solids and water turbidity. They are designed to performance at low speed (5-10 m/h), getting a high filtration quality. Their nozzles holder is 90 mm. Our special media filters are manufactured in carbon steel. They can be make in ebonite for seawater and corrosive water.

From 1.200 mm of diameter.

Sand available:

Construction materials

Body: carbon steel.
Manifolds:  carbon steel or polyethylene.
Joints: synthetic rubber nitrile 60º Shore.
Screws: zinc-plated weather resistant.
Closing cover of inlet and outlet water: 15 mm melting.
Nozzles: polypropylene.


Industrial applications: drinking water, previous filtration to reserve osmosis, removing turbidity, previous filtration to ultraviolet, nozzles protection, effluent treatment, depuration (tertiary)…