LAMA SISTEMAS DE FILTRADO has reduced the consumption of electricity at its factory to zero, as proof of its commitment to sustainability. During 2018, our company has installed solar panels, which supply the kilowatts of power required for its daily activities.

The installation has been sized to ensure that all power consumed by the company comes from solar power sources, so Lama supports the renewable energy.

To achieve this, the following units are being installed:

450 photovoltaic panels, with a power rating of 330 W each. This photovoltaic panel assembly will cover a surface area of 1,000 m2 on the roofs of four industrial units.

The peak power of the installation is 148.5 KW, which translates into the following energy production values: in the worst-case scenario, during the winter, with very short days, 385 Kw, reaching a maximum of 820 Kw during summer, with longer days.

A battery bank with a high storage capacity close to 500 KW of available power will be installed to guarantee the supply of energy for the company out of the maximum daily solar radiation time slots. The purpose of this bank is to supply enough power during winter mornings and evenings, when the solar radiation levels are at their lowest.

Moreover, battery charging/discharging and control procedures are managed with an SPS that has been designed to supply additional power to the installation, according to variations in demand.


Two inverters will be installed to manage the panel energy, allowing the installation to be expanded in the future, with an additional capacity of up to 200 Kw, which is enough to cater the possible increase in the company’s activities.

As regards the execution of the works, the consumption, power, harmonics, reactive energy, etc. measurements were taken with a power analyser to size the installation accordingly and ensure that it was adapted to the current power requirements of the company, leaving it prepared for potential future increases of such demand.


Our provider, ENERGY RENTING IBERICA S.L., has appointed a team of 12 people from different departments to this project: sales, engineering, installation and auxiliary resources.


All in all, we can state that LAMA SISTEMAS DE FILTRADO is a fully self-sufficient company that is powered entirely by renewable energy.